1. Inauguration of the German Embassy’s Inauguration of the German Embassy’s new Chancery in Beirut
  2. the beginning of the conference Over 2.3 bn USD from Germany to vulnerable populations in Syria and neighboring countries
  3. Bundeskanzlerin mit Hariri Merkel receives Hariri: German assistance for the people in Lebanon
Inauguration of the German Embassy’s

Inauguration of the German Embassy’s new Chancery in Beirut

On 30 June 2017 the State Secretary of the German Federal Office Walter Lindner officially inaugurated the new chancery of the German Embassy Beirut.

the beginning of the conference

Over 2.3 bn USD from Germany to vulnerable populations in Syria and neighboring countries

Germany has committed to maintain a high level of political and financial support towards vulnerable populations in Syria and Syrians and host communities...

Bundeskanzlerin mit Hariri

Merkel receives Hariri: German assistance for the people in Lebanon

The Lebanese people must also receive assistance, not only the Syrian refugees in the country, said Chancellor Angela Merkel when she met Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Germany’s commitment to Lebanon

In this video Ambassador Martin Huth gives you an insight into the work of the Embassy and beyond. Take a look!

Handing over Patrol cars to Gen. Sc.

Germany presents four police patrol cars

The German Ambassador Martin Huth and the Embassy’s Border Police Liaison Officer Dirk Kattlun presented on 5 July 2017 four new police patrol cars to the Lebanese General Security.


Graduation at the Lebanese German University

On 4 July the Vice Prime Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, and the Deputy German Ambassador, Carsten Meyer-Wiefhausen, congratulated the students of the LGU that passed their exams successfully and will start to work in their new professions.

Helmuth Kohl

On the sad occasion of the passing of Former Chancellor Helmut Koh

The Embassy would like to thank everyone for their condolences on the sad occasion of the passing of Germany's former Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Global Week for Syria

Global Week for Syria: Osnabrück Youth Choir performed at AUB concert hall

On 28 June German Osnabrück Youth Choir gave a joint concert together with Lebanese Antonine University Choir and the renowned Syrian musicians Kinan Azmeh (Clarinet) and Dima Orsho (Vocals) accompanied by Andreas Müller (Electric Bass) at AUB concert hall

Jour Fixe

Development Cooperation Meeting

Ambassador Martin Huth and Head of Cooperation Torge Matthiesen welcomed members of the German development community in the new premises of the German Embassy in Dekwaneh on 16 June.

Haigazian University

Visit at Haigazian University

On 7 June, Ambassador Martin Huth, and Mrs. Anahid Hanounik-Huth visited Haigazian University in Central Beirut. They were welcomed by President Paul Haidostian and given a tour of the University premises, including the Derian Armenological Library. 

Lebanese University

Presentation on career chances in Germany

On May 24, the Embassy, DAAD Lebanon and AGYA, the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities, gave a joint presentation at the Lebanese University on study, research and career chances in Germany.


Lebanese football trainers attend German Coaching Course

For the first time, two Lebanese participants attended the annual International Coaching Course provided by the German Football federation DFB.

Academic Forum Beirut-Berlin

Delegation of the Academic Forum Beirut-Berlin (AFBB) travelling to Berlin

Ambassador Martin Huth gave a reception on 24 May for the Academic Forum Beirut-Berlin (AFBB). The delegation headed by Dr. Amin Khalil is going to visit Berlin next month upon invitation by the German Federal Foreign Office, Auswärtiges Amt.

DAFI program celebrates 25th anniversary

German DAFI scholarship program celebrates 25th anniversary

Since 1992 Deutsche Flüchtlingsinitiative Albert Einstein (DAFI), which is mainly financed by the German Federal Foreign Ministry, facilitates young refugees worldwide to get access to Higher Education and therefore to shape their future “through knowledge, not ignorance”, as a student put it yesterday.

Lebanon and Germany

Press Release: Lebanon and Germany hold dialogue on development for the first time in 15 years

A Lebanese delegation headed by Dr. Nadim Munla and Ambassador Dr. Mustafa Adib arrived in Berlin

Botschafter Huth in Dar Al Fatwa

Ambassador Huth talks at Dar al-Fatwa on Role of Religious Institutions

On 18 April, Ambassador Martin Huth spoke at the opening of the joint conference of Dar al-Fatwa and the German Berghoff Foundation on the Role of Religious Institutions in Peace and Dialogue.


Interior Minister of Bavaria Joachim Herrmann visited Lebanon

The Interior Minister of Bavaria Joachim Herrmann (Christian Social Union) came to Lebanon from 10 - 12 April for political talks with Interior Minister Machnouk and Social Minister Bou Assi. He also visited the vocational training school in Bar Elias for Lebanese and Syrian adolescents, financed by Bavaria.

Syrian pupils say goodbye to the German delegation in El Marj, Bekaa

400 million USD from Germany for vulnerable populations in Lebanon in 2016

Following the Conference “Supporting Syria and the Region” in February, the German Government has substantially increased its assistance to vulnerable populations in Lebanon to almost 400 million USD in 2016. These funds are used for food assistance, education, support to host communities and wider humanitarian support, making Germany the largest bilateral provider of assistance for Lebanon.

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Due to the very high demand we are currently experiencing a difficult situation in booking appointments to submit visa applications at the Embassy. 


Germany contributes to United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to restore full rations to Syrian people

The Chargé d’ Affaires a. i. of the German Embassy, Mr. Carsten Meyer-Wiefhausen, is pleased to inform that of the USD 675 million pledged at the London Syria conference in early February,

Distributing aid to refugees in Erbil

Refugee crisis - what German foreign policy is doing

Never since the end of World War II there were so many refugees worldwide like today. The German Foreign policy is thus taking action in various fields to improve the current situation.


Schild Deutsche Botschaft

Security advice

Please visit the website of the Federal Foreign Office for current security advice for Lebanon as well as for the latest news on the situation in the country.

Ambassador Martin Huth

Ambassador Martin Huth

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Potsdam's Night of the Palaces

Music, illuminations and fireworks are all part and parcel of the 19th Night of the Palaces in Potsdam. This time the whole event is going to be more spectacular than ever.

Further strikes are looming at Spanish airports

Workers at Spanish airport operator Aena call 25 days of strikes. If there is no progress in talks in the coming weeks, the strikes will start in mid-September.

Air Berlin files for bankruptcy protection

Crisis-stricken German airline Air Berlin is seeking protection from its creditors after running out of cash to stay solvent. But the airline says it wants to remain in operation following a government bailout.

The “Make it in Germany” website welcomes skilled professionals to Germany!

Make it in germany

“Make it in Germany!” Take a look at our website to see how skilled professionals like yourself can come to live and work in Germany. German firms are facing a genuine skills shortage that is expected to continue into the future. The German Government has therefore set up this website to help business and industry find the specialists they need. Welcome to Germany!

“Recognition in Germany” is the official online portal for the Federal Recognition Act. It provides migrants and foreign skilled workers with information on how and where they can submit an application for recognition of the vocational qualifications they have gained abroad. The “Recognition Finder” enables them to identify the competent body for their own particular case with just a few clicks of the mouse. Advisors visiting the site will also find all the relevant information they need regarding vocational recognition procedures and the underlying legal principles. All content is available in German and English. The portal is operated by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is financed within the scope of the “Integration through training – IQ” funding programme.  

For more information, please visit:

www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de .

New version of “Facts about Germany” – in 19 languages

Facts about Germany

“Facts about Germany” has everything you need to know about Germany today. How the political system works. The guidelines that define foreign policy. The special characteristics of the economy. What is new in art and culture. The new website features articles, background information, images, charts, films and lots of other modules. Focussing on these and many other topics, besides – in no less than 19 languages. On top of which, all the “Facts” (incl. the new book for young adults in 9 languages) can be downloaded as an e-paper.