Studying in Germany

Venezuelan PhD student Jenny La Verde in the lab of the Robert Koch Institute of Wernigeröde.

Doing a Doctorate in Germany

The German doctorate enjoys an outstanding reputation in all disciplines. Especially the structured doctoral programmes that have been established over  recent years offer international graduates extremely attractive opportunities.

Higher education in Germany

Germany has a long tradition of higher education. You can choose among universities, universities of applied scienes and colleges of art, music and film. The German university system is characterized by a rich variety, high quality and an exceptional reputation abroad. More than 350 institutions are located in modern vibrant cities, old historic towns or picturesque villages in the countryside. Their campuses range from small and welcoming to large and dynamic. Applicants simply need to find what suits them best. Plus: Germany's academic system is generally free of charge.

Holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate need to pass an assessment test ("Feststellungsprüfung") before starting their student career in Germany if they fall short of 12 points. To prepare for the test, you need to attend a preparatory year at the "Studienkolleg" in Germany. Alternatively, successfully completed academic years at a Lebanese university serve as equivalence. Holders of the French or International Baccalaureate may directly apply to the university of their choice.

More than 900 international courses leading to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD levels) are offered by German universities. These courses are usually accompanied by additional German language courses.

Admission procedures vary with each university. You may directly turn to the university of your choice. For a network of several universities, student admission service is offered by uni-assist.


Through the link below you can find a list of scholarships offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to students from Lebanon. 

Additional Scholarships

The following links provide information on additional scholarships in Germany. The last three links are related to the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation. By means of its EURAXESS online portal, the foundation offers information and assistance to mobile researchers. The portal contains practical information concerning professional and daily life, as well as information on job and funding opportunities. 

Changes in the accession procedures to German universities for foreign students

The accession procedures to German universities for foreign students have been changed. The German Exchange Service DAAD has developed a test ("TestAs") for students from outside the European Union who wish to study in Germany. The German Embassy recommends future students to carry out this test. See below for more information...