++ Opening of a blocked account ++

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Opening of a blocked account
(to provide proof of sufficient financial means for a stay in Germany for study purposes)

As you intend to study in Germany, you will have to prove your ability to cover your expenses with regard to your studies. An amount equivalent to the amount of the monthly maximum support of the Federal Student Support (BAföG) has to be at your disposal. You will have to provide evidence of financial means for a full year of studies. There are several options to prove funding. For more details, we would like to refer to our leaflet on the homepage.

One of these options is to open a blocked account in Germany. You will have to transfer the funds covering your intended stay to this blocked account (Number of months multiplied by the current maximum support amount of BAföG, as of 1 August 2016: 720 EUR).

Therefore, the amount to be blocked for one study year is 8.640 EUR (12 months multiplied by 720 EUR). Each month, you shall not withdraw more than one twelfth of the blocked amount.

To open a blocked account, you can approach every bank in Germany. Therefore, it is not necessary to be present in Germany.

You can contact a German bank via mail or via email. It is advisable to mention the cause of your application for a blocked account. Furthermore, you should indicate that you cannot appear in person as a visa has not yet been granted. Generally, you will have your signature to be authenticated. Furthermore, you will have to submit a certified copy (in black and white) of your passport. You will also have to indicate your intended place of residence in Germany.

The Embassy is familiar with the proceedings of Deutsche Bank. Therefore, these proceedings are outlined as an example:

1) Firstly, you could consult Deutsche Bank online to gain the relevant information for a blocked account. These forms are available in German as well as in English.



2) Once you have completed the form, the Embassy accepts walk-ins every Wednesday and Thursday between 1 PM and 2 PM to an authentication of your signature as well as of the copy of your passport.

The completed and authenticated forms shall remain with the Embassy respectively your visa application until your application has been approved.


3) If approved, the Embassy will send your account application to Deutsche Bank in Order to open your account. Within two weeks Deutsche Bank will provide you the account details by Email for the bank transfer.


4) You shall then transfer the relevant amount to the new account. In addition, you shall submit proof of payment to the Embassy.

As it has already been mentioned, you could also approach every other bank in Germany to inquire about their proceedings regarding an application for a blocked account.


Kind regards and enjoy your stay in Germany