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Compared with their international equivalents, Lebanese-German relations in the fields of Culture and Education have so far lacked in intensity and have not been up to the potential that each of these countries hold. While on the one hand, Lebanon has been able to establish a wide-ranging and highly qualified international network of students and university graduates and thus strengthen its ties with numerous countries and while, on the other hand, German has been investing more efforts in its external relations, there is a clear lack in terms of the exchange bewteen the two countries.They both need such ambassadors.

German-Lebanese exchange in the field of College Education holds great potential. In recent years, Germany has opened up its doors widely, not only to students, but most of all when it comes to its job market aimed at university graduates. The following fact is relevant for all the Lebanese engineers and medical doctors who have received an education with international standard: Germany is offering up to the year 2019 around 80 000 available positions in the fields of Medicine and Engineering.

In terms of Education and Culture, it is important to pave some solid pathways in the academic field, in order to establish a deeper exchange. This is why academic cooperation, joint research, the recognition of Diplomas and the learning of German language are important. In many other key fields, German cultural policy is not implemented directly by the Embassy, but rather through individual institutions.

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Recognition of foreign professional qualifications in accordance with § 17a of the Residence Act

As of August 1st 2015 there is the possibility to apply for a visa for the implementation of an educational measure (e.g. language course and internship) in order to obtain the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad (e.g. nursing or doctors).

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++ Opening of a blocked account ++

Opening of a blocked account (to provide proof of sufficient financial means for a stay in Germany for study purposes) As you intend to study in Germany, you will have to prove your ability to cover your expenses with regard to your studies. An amount equivalent to the amount of the monthly maximum support of the Federal Student Support (BAföG) has to be at your disposal. You will have to provide evidence of financial means for a full year of studies. There are several options to prove funding. For more details, we would like to refer to our leaflet on the homepage.

Majd Salhab

Are you interested in studying at a university in Germany?

Majd Salhab from Zahle ist a 20 year old Civil Engineering student at the German University of Karlsruhe (KIT). Read here about his experience of studying and living in Germany and his advice to you.

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Here you find information on German language, literature, and arts in Germany and abroad.

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