German contribution to civilian reconstruction in Lebanon in 2006-2007

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Germany's total contribution, comprising all ongoing programs and commitments for civilian reconstruction for the period 2006-2007, is up to EUR 107 million.

These resources comprise the following components:

Rescources under bilateral development cooperation totaling EUR 67 million:

As agreed with the Council for Development and Reconstruction in September 2006, Germany will expand its development cooperation within the framework of civilian reconstruction mainly in the vocational training and water sectors, so as to rehabilitate infrasturcture that had been damaged or destroyed during the war. These development cooperation funds, which total EUR 67 million (of which EUR 50.8 million as grants and EUR 16.2 million as loans), are being delivered by Germany's implementing agencies KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW development bank) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) based on close cooperation with the Council for Development and Reconstruction and the relevant line ministries and authorities.

  • As part of development cooperation programs still under way (for which commitments were made prior to 2006) in the areas of wastewater management nd vocational trainng, Germany is supporting Lebanon with funds amounting to EUR 21 million (of which EUR 16.2 million as loans).
  • In addition, Germany made available development cooperation resources amounting to EUR 12 million in 2006 for emergency aid and for the rehabilitaion of vocational schools as well as rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation.
  • Moreover, Germany will be making available EUR 34 million in 2007 under development cooperation for programs related to vocational training, water supply and sanitation, and the environmental sector. These funds comprise EUR 20 million for the continuation of the "Rehabilitation of Water and Wastewater Systems" program, EUR 2 million for the project "Reconstruction of Vocational Schools" and EUR 3 million for the program "Promotion of Vocational Education and Small and Medium Enterprises Development". Germany is also providing about EUR 5 million for activities to address environmental damage.
  • For the improvement of the living conditions of Palestinians in Lebanon EUR 4 million will be made available.

In addition to bilateral cooperation resources, the German government has earmarked up to EUR 40 million for the 2006-2007 period to finance advisory services and donations of equipment by several federal ministries, inter alia in support of activities related to border security and to monitoring the movement of goods.


Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Michael Bierhoff
First Secretary, Reconstruction and Development Cooperation
P.O. Box 11-2820 Riad El Solh
Beirut 1107 2110

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Deveopment (BMZ)            
Astrid Denker                                                          
Desk Officer for Lebanon; Division 325 –                   
Regional Development Policy; Middle East     
Adenauerallee 139 – 141                                        
53113 Bonn                                                              

KfW Entwicklungsbank
Andrea Johnston
Principal Country Manager
Middle East
Palmengartenstr. 5 - 9
60325 Frankfurt a.M.

German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
Dr. Magdy El-Menshawy
German House 
P.O.Box 30757, Damascus 
Abo Romane 
Mahde bin Barake str. 26  

Further information on the German contribution to civilian reconstruction you may find among the press releases of the Embassy