The Small Grants Scheme of the German Embassy

The German Embassy has a yearly budget for small projects in the framework of bilateral technical co-operation. The aim of this small grants programme is to provide local institutions and the local population with the means to activate their own potentials and thus to improve their situation themselves. The Embassy emphasizes on socio-economic multiplier-effects and capacity building.

Social institutions, authorities, churches, associations or other non-governmental organizations can be granted a fund for a specific project. Project proposals should be handed in at the Economics Section of the Embassy. You can download the application form in English and in French below.

Applications should contain the following information:

1. introduction of the applying institution

2. description of the project (duration, costs, own contribution) and its ob-
    jectives (recipients, impact)

3. covering of recurrent costs (such as consumer goods, fees, taxes etc.),
    self-contribution of applicant

Please also be informed that:

- Projects funded by financial means of the EU or other German sources can be
by the Embassy if the applicant is a local partner institutions (no
  direct applications from DED, UNDP etc.).

- An overall budget plan has to be presented which assures that the entire costs
  of the project can be covered with the financial means of the Embassy and
  of the applicant or if needed with contributions of other potential donors. 

- The budget for each project is in general limited to 8.000 Euro (appr.
  USD 8000-10000
 depending on the exchange rate at the date of disbursement
  of the allocation).

- The proposed project should consider the most urgent need.

- The project must be finished until the end of the year in which the financing con-
  tract with the Embassy has been signed.

- It is recommended that the goods to be bought for the project are of Lebanese
  origin if possible, the main criteria are quality and prize (please submit com-
  parative offers).

- Training programmes, personnel costs, travelling and administrative expenses
  and recurrent costs are not funded by the Embassy.