Humanitarian Aid in Lebanon by the German Federal Foreign Ministry

Support after the fightings in summer 2006
NGOs received more than 6.5 million EUR for emergency aid for the civil society. About 4.5 million EUR have been provided by the German Foreign Office and 2 million EUR by the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The projects were mainly implemented by international relief organizations. Focal points were medical care for injureds, transport of relief goods as well as the distribution of food and drinking water.

Furthermore, the German Foreign Ministry financially supported German relief organizations such as German Red Cross, Caritas international, Medico Interntaional, arche noVa and humdica. In cooperation with local NGOs, these organizations provided refugees with medication, matresses and Sanitary goods.

Assistance to Palestinian refugees from Nahr Al Bared Camp
The Federal Foreign Office provides assistance to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, who live there under very difficult conditions. The projects are implemented by Palestinian NGOs. "World Vision Germany" for example can distribute hygiene kits to refugee children in Beddawi camp with the financial assistance of 135.000 Euro by the German Federal Foreign Office. More than 2000 babies and infants (0-3 years old) receive the necessary sanitary products such as shampoo, soap, diapers and cremes in order to prevent diseases caused by insufficient hygiene.

The assistance is for those Palestinian who had to flee Nahr Al Bared after the fightings in the refugee camp had started in May 2007. Most of them took temporary refuge in the nearby refugee camp Beddawi. The Federal Foreign Office granted UNRWA 500,000 EUR for medical emgerency assistance to the inhabitants of Nahr El Bared. Furthermore, sanitary products worth 185.000 EUR were purchased for distribution to the internally displaced Palestinian refugees in two different projects.

Enlarge image Distribution of hygiene kits in camp Beddawi by the Palestinian NGO Community-based Rehabilitation Association (CBRA) in the presence of representatives from World Vision Germany and the German Embassy