The Embassy

Address, opening hours, consular district and how to contact the Embassy in case of emergency 
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Postal address:

German Embassy
55-464 Sin-el-Fil

Where to find us:

Regent Park Tower

(Hinter Freeway Center)

Barbar Abou Jawdeh Street

Ddekwaneh 2703

Metn, Lebanon

Telefon: 01 504 600

Fax: 01 504 601

Email: beirut%27%diplo%27%de,info

You can reach the German Embassy outside the office hours in cases of emergency (not for visa inquiries!) under the following number: 00961 (0)3 600 053.

Please note that this phone number is ONLY for emergencies. Individual or general visa information cannot be given.


Application forms can be submitted only based on prior appointments. Therefore, access is given only to the persons indicated on the list of appointments. Those arriving too late are rejected and have to make a new appointment. Kindly note that only the applicant himself/herself is allowed to enter the Embassy's building. 

For picking up your passport,


Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM


Monday to Thursday at 13:00 PM until 15:30 PM

You do not need an appointment to pick up your passport. The passport can be obtained starting the day indicated on your application receipt (not before!). Should this day be a friday, saturday, sunday or a holiday, you can pick up the passport starting the subsequent working day. Should there be no date on your application receipt (for example national visa), the employees of the visa section will call you.

How and when to reach the VISA SECTION:

The Email address: beir%27%diplo%27%de,visalbn

The fax number of the visa section is: 00961 (0) 1 504 602

please note that we cannot answer questions on the status of your visa application since such requests are time consuming. Please make sure you have your application number (indicated on the application receipt) ready when you call.

Only the applicant himself/herself is allowed to obtain information.

Please also note that we do not have the capacity to give you detailed information on the application procedures (for visa or passports). This information is available in detail on this website of the Embassy , please refer to the section "Visa regulations" in German and Arabic). You also have the possibility to ask for a preferred appointment via fax.


The Directive Concerning the Prevention of Corruption in the Federal Administration of 30 July 2004 lays down the legal framework for the anti-corruption tasks at the Federal Foreign Office headquarters and at German missions abroad. The Directive is intended to offer clear and concise guidelines on honest, fair and transparent actions by the federal administration.