The Ambassador and the individual sections

Ambassador Martin Huth

Ambassador Martin Huth

Political Section

Fostering the bilateral relations and reporting political developments in Lebanon to the Federal German Government are the main responsibilities of the political affairs department. It establishes contacts between governments, institutions, parties and NGOs. Upon direction of the German Foreign Office, the political affairs department transmits positions of the Federal Government to the Republic of Lebanon. Moreover, this department liaises with other embassies, the delegation of the European Union and international organisations present in Lebanon.

Economic Section

The economic department promotes trade and commercial relations between and Lebanon. In this regard, it interacts closely with the Lebanese-German Business Council and supports German companies in searching for investment and trade opportunities in Lebanon. The economic department observes and reports on the local economic developments to the Federal Government and co-ordinates German experts of development aid. Earmarking and funding small grants projects belong also to the responsibilities of the economic department.

Cultural Section

The cultural affairs department co-ordinates the German cultural foreign policy and the bilateral cultural relations with Lebanon. It cooperates closely with German cultural institutions at place and selects -together with Goethe-Institute- incumbents for scholarships in Lebanon. In addition to this, fostering German language, academic exchange, and the two German schools in Lebanon, belong to the responsibilities of this department, as well as issues related to student exchange, religious institutions and the German war grave commission.

Consular section

The consular section issues visa and assumes responsibility in questions of legal matters as for example notarization of documents, inheritance matters and citizenship law. It is the contacting office for German citizens living in Lebanon and issues passports for German residents. In case of passport loss, a 'Travel Document in lieu of passport can be issued by the consular section.

Press Section

This department informs the Lebanese public on the politics of the German government and the German Embassy. It is the contacting office for journalists and organises trips for Lebanese journalists to Germany.