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WARNING - To Put The Record Straight:

Concerning the recent rumours this Embassy would like to clarify:

- Germany is NOT sending ships to Lebanon or Turkey to take refugees!

- Germany has NOT decided upon a new refugee program.

- The German Embassy does NOT accept applications for asylum.

These are false rumours, instigated by smugglers of persons, illegal networks and misinformed media. Please note: Smugglers lie. It is not in their interest to inform refugees about the existing problems. Smugglers are NO reliable source for information about the refugee situation in Europe. Smugglers of persons are criminals, whose only interest is to make money out of the suffering of refugees

As of 5 January 2015 new and stricter regulations have been established for Syrian nationals to enter Lebanon. Travellers from Syria are urged to check the available information before commencing their trip (for example at ) and should provide information about their intended travel to Lebanon in Arabic translation. Also, long delays at the border should be expected. Furthermore, the Embassy would like to point out that the new regulation is also relevant for persons who have already spent a longer time in Lebanon. However, legally binding information can only be given by the Lebanese authorities.


Fraud Warning

The German Embassy strongly advises to be cautious in dealings with companies  that claim to offer appointments for visa applications, visas without personal application at the Embassy or preferential processing of applications for additional payment of money.


This Embassy does not work with external agencies. Quite the opposite:


-          Appointments can be made FREE OF CHARGE at the Embassy's homepage at . The system will send a notification about the appointment together with information about the visa process automatically after the appointment has been made.

-          Every applicant needs to make an appointment in order to apply at the Embassy. You will not be able to enter the Embassy to apply for a visa without appointment.

-          Applications can only be processed after all necessary documents have been provided by the applicant. Please have all documents mentioned in the Embassy's leaflets ready when you apply at the Embassy.


Please be vigilant and check if any offer you are made may be a scam. If you have suspicions, please report it to the police authorities.


Should you use an agency in order to make an appointment, only this agency can answer further questions concerning cancellation or validity of that appointment.


Caution: There has been information that so-called 'visa agencies' use telephone rerouting systems in order to have the Embassy's telephone number appear in their display! This has to be considered an attempt at scamming applicants. Please note: This Embassy will send ALL appointment notifications via e-mail, even if the initial contact may have been made via telephone. Only with an e-mail-notification can you be sure that the appointment has been really made.