More than 2.3 billion USD German support to Syria and neighboring countries

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Germany has committed to maintain a high level of political and financial support towards vulnerable populations in Syria and Syrians and host communities in neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan. During the conference “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region” on April 4th and April 5th, Germany has emerged as the most significant donor. With commitments of more than 2,3 billion USD for the years of 2017-2020, the Federal Government envisages to spend 1,39 billion USD in 2017 alone.

Together with the European Union, the United Nations, the United Kingdom, Norway, Kuwait and Qa-tar, Germany has also vowed to work towards a political solution of the refugee crisis and toward a cessation of hostilities in Syria. Germany will also further contribute to concessional finance, thus al-lowing for the realization of large scale infrastructure projects in Lebanon. During a prior meeting in Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked Prime Minister Saad Hariri for Lebanon’s generosity in hosting more than 1,5 million syrians and palestinian refugees. Germany vows to protect the social cohesion as well as the political and confessional diversity of Lebanon and thus perceives the presence of large refugee population as a temporary situation.

In 2016, Germany had already emerged as the second biggest donor in Lebanon. The Federal Gov-ernment allocated 386 Million Euro / 431 million USD, focusing on education and vocational train-ing, food assistance, water supply, support to host communities and wider humanitarian assistance.

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