German - British field trip to the Fourth Land Border Regiment

Ambasador Huth in Tfail Enlarge image (© German Ambassy Beirut)

The German and British Ambassadors to Lebanon, Martin Huth and Hugo Shorter, toured the new towers of the Fourth Land Border Regiment in the Tfeil region. Germany is the latest international supporter of the LAF’s land border project.

The British and German Ambassadors were briefed by high ranking Lebanese officers on the success of 4 LBR. Protected by the Lebanese Armed Forces for the first time after it deployed into the area this June, the renewed sense of security along this section of the border has given residents the chance to resume their daily lives and business: Residents have returned to the homes and land not seen in years, and near-border communities are reporting an increased sense of safety and support for the LAF. The Ambassadors heard how this was increasingly true across the whole Lebanese-Syrian border, where the LAF are deploying from the Mediterranean to Mt Hermon in order to secure Lebanon, and protect Residents.

The visit was also an opportunity to welcome a new contribution by Germany to the UK border project, with the two Ambassadors signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for €1.5 million of additional German support to the border project, signalling continued international willingness to support the Lebanese army. Ambasador Huth in Tfail Enlarge image (© German Embassy Beirut)

Ambassador Huth said:

‘The security and stability of Lebanon is extremely important to the international community. I am pleased that Germany, together with our British friends, will participate further in 2017 through support to the LAF’s Land Border project. A key part of Germany’s engagement has for a long time been capacity building in the Lebanese Navy. We have donated a coastal radar system and two Naval vessels to enable the LAF to control their territorial waters. Additionally we provide training and equipment for the maintenance of the LAF Navy through permanent German training teams based at Jounieh Naval Base.  The signing of this MOU, marks the beginning of a new phase of German support for the LAF in its endeavours to protect Lebanon’s borders and to combat terrorism.’  Ambassador Huth in Tfeil Enlarge image (© German Embassy in Beirut)

Ambassador Shorter said:

‘This is my first visit to the Tfail peninsula and I am very pleased to see the fruition of our long-term partnership to the LAF, including the new Fourth Land Border Regiment. The LAF’s military success in ‘Fajr El Jouroud’ has anchored its reputation as a professional and respected institution that has dramatically increased its capabilities in recent years, and we are proud of the trust they have shown in the UK to work with them. I am also pleased to welcome Germany’s contribution which -  coupled with commitments from other partners - will help ensure a resilient and secure Lebanon. From 2019, Lebanon will have complete authority over its border with Syria.